Change is upon us. The pace and scale of digital business innovation is increasing. Industries are experiencing widespread disruption. Digitally connected customers demand more, faster. New competition comes from outside of traditional market segments. IT modernisation, digital transformation, and DevOps practices can help your organisation optimise resources, speed development, innovate quickly and continuously, operate proactively, and adapt faster to market changes.

However, this places an extra burden on IT operations teams, who are now asked to move faster, manage increasingly complex IT environments, accommodate new development approaches and technologies, and work more closely with business organisations. Shifting from a system administrator role to a service delivery role will help you deliver IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) and meet the evolving needs of digital business operations.

Today’s IT operations teams manage ever-changing, complex IT architectures built on multiple platforms and complicated technology stacks. As organisations adopt digital business practices, IT operations is challenged to deliver scalable, on-demand infrastructure to support developers, lines of business, and C-level initiatives — all while still ensuring security, compliance, and reliability. Faced with this, IT operations teams recognise that they will need to adopt a new ITaaS approach and modern, unified management and automation tools to remain relevant and effectively support business outcomes.

Automation can help. No matter where you are on your IT modernisation journey, an enterprise-wide IT operations automation strategy can help you improve existing processes and prepare for digital transformation. With automation, you can:

Red Hat believes automation is a strategic and foundational component of IT modernisation and digital transformation. As such, we provide a full set of management solutions that use a common, simple automation language, helping to transform IT operations and create a comprehensive automation approach to support digital business. Based on open source projects and standards, these products deliver more control and choice for your IT infrastructure. Plus, through intensive testing and commercial hardening, you can access the latest innovation with less risk and more confidence.

Learn about how your organisation can automate your IT infrastructure and accelerate service delivery while providing IT operations teams with control and visibility across a dynamic IT environment. Download this e-book.

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