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Friday 7th March 2014, 09:00 – 14:00



Cut your Oracle® Database costs with PostgreSQL and EnterpriseDB®, while maintaining your investment in Oracle. This FREE Technical Workshop hosted by TechXperts will give you a first-hand look at EnterpriseDBs Oracle Cost Containment Strategies; and how you can leverage them and PostgreSQL to significantly reduce your organisations annual Database costs by up to 80%.

Mark Jones, Principal Sales Engineer at EnterpriseDB, James Freeman, Enterprise Architect and Walli Datoo, Open Source Consultant from Quru will be leading this workshop. Download the full agenda.

Replicating Oracle Database To PostgreSQL

Learn how replicating Oracle data to a dedicated PostgreSQL reporting server helps to improve Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) and reporting performance, while actually reducing your Database costs. There will be a live Oracle to PostgreSQL replication using EnterpriseDBs xDB Replicating Server; then a look at the Graphical User Interface (GUI) console, how to set up publications, sort and filter replicated data.

Migrating Oracle Applications To PostgreSQL

Explore the Oracle Compatibility layer built into EnterpriseDBs Postgres Plus® Advanced Server (Postgres Plus), and discover how these compatibility features and migration tools simplify the process of migrating applications written for Oracle to Postgres Plus – without needing to make major code changes, or retrain DBA and Developer staff. There will be a high-level overview of the migration process, including a look at EnterpriseDBs Oracle Migration Assessment, the migration toolkit, the migration assessment report and how the compatibility layer fits into the report.

Best Practice Customer Case Studies

Hear how other organisations have successfully cut their Oracle Database costs with PostgreSQL and EnterpriseDBs Oracle Cost Containment Strategies, while achieving greater Returns-on-Investment (ROI), more flexibility, and freedom from vendor lock-in.

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This is a high-level, Technical Workshop for IT personnel responsible for Database Administration, Application Development, and IT Management, who are:
1 – Interested in completely migrating away from Oracle and want to explore an open source alternative to proprietary Database technology.
2 – Searching for ways to reduce their Database costs without scrapping their existing investment in Oracle, and want evaluate PostgreSQL.

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