Modernise your app development tools – so you can do more

with Containers, Automation and Cloud Management

If you’re familiar with app developments that take weeks to complete or are slowed down by too much manual intervention and lack of scalability, it’s time to find a better way to develop. Get the most benefits from modern application development technologies like containers, game-changing automation practices like Ansible, as well as efficient cloud management, so that you can spend more time developing – from day one.


Red Hat OpenShift 3:
A Modern Application Platform

With PaaS steadily becoming popular among DevOps as a way to eliminate all the hassles of application development, modern applications require next-generation computing environments, like scale-out PaaS.

Download this ESG white paper to discover why Red Hat OpenShift 3 is developers’ PaaS of choice for modern application development and how OpenShift makes it easy to build, deploy and manage applications more efficiently.

Deliver Container-based Apps in the Cloud

As container usage increases in modern app development and production, you need a powerful solution to manage and automate those large amounts of containers. OpenShift is the PaaS that will free you up from the manual management of containers.

Learn how OpenShift can enable you to easily and quickly develop modern applications faster, smarter, more flexibly and overcome challenges of building distributed systems with microservices.


Automate – so You Can Spend More Time Developing

In today’s digital business, where time to market means money, you cannot rely on manual, error-prone processes or a fragmented patchwork of tools to deploy apps. In order to rapidly deliver applications as fast as the business demands, you need  increasing levels of automation.

Ansible is the simplest way to automate the entire modern application life cycle.

Download this white paper to learn how Ansible gives you the power to deploy multi-tier applications reliably and consistently and also accelerate DevOps initiatives.


Manage Container, Virtual, Private & Public Cloud Infrastructures

In the world of cloud apps, you can’t deploy and manage next-generation applications and infrastructure with the same old tools and practices.

To manage and control virtual environments you need new management tools and approaches such as Red Hat® CloudForms.

Find out how CloudForms gives IT administrators and managers a comprehensive solution to optimise their virtual, private cloud, and hybrid cloud infrastructures with advanced capacity planning and sophisticated resource management capabilities.

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