Microservices for Java Developers

A Hands-On Introduction to Frameworks & Containers

Microservices are not a technology-only discussion. Implementations of microservices have roots in complex-adaptive theory, service design, technology evolution, domain-driven design, dependency thinking, promise theory, and other backgrounds. They all come together to allow the people of an organisation to truly exhibit agile, responsive, learning behaviors to stay competitive in a fast-evolving business world. Take a closer look.

What to expect from this e-book

This book is for Java developers and architects interested in developing microservices. The book starts with the high-level understanding and fundamental prerequisites that should be in place to be successful with a microservice architecture. Unfortunately, just using new technology doesn’t magically solve distributed systems problems. Take a look at some of the forces involved and what successful companies have done to make microservices work for them, including culture, organizational structure, and market pressures. Take a deep dive into a few Java frameworks for implementing microservices. The accompanying source-code repository can be found on GitHub.

Red Hat Ebook - Teaching an Elephant to Dance

Once you have your hands dirty, you’ll come back up for air and discuss issues around deployment, clustering, failover, and how Docker and Kubernetes deliver solutions in these areas. Then you’ll go back into the details with some hands-on examples with Docker, Kubernetes, and NetflixOSS to demonstrate the power they bring for cloud-native, microservice architectures. Finish with thoughts on topics that cannot be covered in this small book but are no less important, like configuration, logging, and continuous delivery.

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“Software is eating the world. Businesses are slowly starting to realise this, and there are two main drivers for this phenomenon: delivering value through high-quality services and the rapid commoditisation of technology.” – Microservices for Java Developers

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