As cloud computing becomes even more multi-faceted and complex, adopting an overall strategy becomes vital. This free download, created by Red Hat and Intel, uses the ‘Dummies’ format to deliver a succinct, easy-to-understand solution in everyday language – but with plenty of good technical advice as well for those who seek it. As with all similar tech-related books in this format, the text comes complete with useful icons for highlighting key information, useful tips, warnings and particularly technical aspects.

How the book is structured

The e-book is divided into five chapters, as follows:

• Key cloud strategy considerations – identifying strategy goals plus understanding cloud-related terms, plus a look at the importance of ‘cloud native’ and ‘open source’ concepts.
• Architecting to maximise flexibility – considering the different options, how to move from idea to product then back to strategy, and then adjusting that strategy as required.
• Enabling agile IT in the cloud – an introduction to the age of the cloud, achieving agility with Infrastructure as Code (IaC). It also identifies why IaC matters and best practices to follow, then looks at the four-phase approach to cloud infrastructure.
• Unified IT management – understanding the benefits, plus exploring the challenges and various approaches of unified IT management, and using it to solve management issues.
• Ten reasons to develop a cloud strategy – as with other ‘Dummy’ books, the final chapter offers a concluding ten-part list. In this instance, that includes moving appropriate workloads to the cloud via a roadmap and checklist, gaining greater agility and flexibility across disparate environments, and then using unified views and tools to manage everything.

Download your free copy today

Red Hat and Intel have collaborated and co-developed for over 20 years, helping customers to get more value from technology while achieving increased security, performance and reliability. This publication is one of the latest and best iterations of this beneficial, time-proven partnership – and a perfect introduction to an increasingly vital subject.

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