Any Java developer or architect interested in developing microservices should download ‘Microservices for Java Developers’. It’s a hands-on introduction to frameworks and containers published by Red Hat Developers and written by Christian Posta, Speaker, Author and Chief Architect at Red Hat.

The free Java e-book covers how to build truly scalable, adaptive complex systems that can adjust to fast-changing markets.

What’s inside

The e-book is divided into seven chapters. It starts by examining the challenges involved, technology solutions and advice for preparing your environment. This is followed by an in-depth look at three popular Java frameworks – Spring Boot, Dropwizard and WildFly Swarm. This allows you to compare and contrast the three frameworks through a handful of familiar patterns, including exposing a service, configuration at runtime, exposing metrics/insight, and calling downstream services in a safe manner.

Chapter Five shows how you can build and deploy microservices at scale, regardless of language, using Docker, and manage them efficiently via Kubernetes, along with the role of Linux Containers. This is followed by hands-on examples of cluster management, fall-over and load balancing across cloud-native microservice architectures.

In the seventh and final chapter, the book looks towards the future, including thoughts on configuration, followed by logging, metrics and tracing, and then continuous delivery, along with a link to the source code depository.

Some reviews for this free e-book

Microservices for Java Developers has attracted widespread praise from bloggers and industry experts:

“I really like that Christian took the time to set the scene of microservices not being a magic technical one-stop silver bullet solution.”
Claus Ibsen, DZone

“A very nice book that touches and covers the most important concepts required to build/deploy/maintain microservices… really helped me refresh all the concepts I had learned in the past 2 years in only 5 days.”
Hussein Elsayed, Goodreads

“Christian is a regular in the microservices space, and here has created a nice hands-on, step-by-step guide for building microservices with some popular Java frameworks.”
Microservices Weekly

How to get started

As well as downloading your free Java e-book, you can also access products, content, videos, latest news, expert opinion, training and live events at the Red Hat Developers Program.

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