Many organisations are now seeing the benefits that are clearly visible behind cloud storage, and migration is now a reality for many key players across numerous sectors. However, not all of them have the same reasons for moving to the cloud, and many are not fully embracing it. The means of ‘lifting and shifting’ have also varied over time, with some methods proving smoother than others, and, of course, there’s the whole public versus private versus hybrid conundrum to consider. So if cloud migration is something your organisation is actively considering, it’s fair to say that careful thought, preparation and decision-making now will pay dividends later, and this free report will help you to do just that.

Establishing the best cloud migration best practices

To identify the cloud migration strategies of medium to large organisations across multiple sectors Red Hat commissioned Forrester to conduct in-depth interviews with four cloud decision makers and surveys with 272 separate organisations. Over 20 different sectors were represented, including many from the finance, telecoms and healthcare sectors. To ensure a good cross-section of respondents, around half had 1,000 – 5,000 employees.

Main findings

Here’s a taster of the key findings from the survey, plus details you will be able to discover.
• Migration is well-established – and growing. Most organisations plan to move at least 100 workloads. Find out what the overall workload figure is likely to be in under two years.
• Evaluation is by application. Steadily does it rather than mass migration is still the name of the game. Find out which apps may never be moved and why.
• Cost is paramount. Scalability to cut costs is the main migration driver, but enterprises have to make the economic case for each application they plan to migrate.
• It’s not always plain sailing. Read about the two main factors that can still cause problems.

Key questions and answers

By downloading the survey you can also find out:
• The eight main reasons for cloud migration, ranked by popularity
• The four reasons for not migrating until now

The report also looks in depth at the different migration skill sets required in comparison to internal skill sets.

Overall recommendations

The report concludes with several key recommendations for anyone looking to migrate their existing workloads, how to evaluate by system ecosystem, how to choose which method to use (very few respondents opted for just one) and where the holdups and issues are likely to be. Overall, the findings were overwhelmingly positive – and with many lessons for IT directors, managers and other professionals to learn. For now, though, allow us to make one simple recommendation of our own: Download the free cloud migration report!

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