The practices of public cloud migrators

A Forrester Report

This study explores the scope, drivers, challenges, and investments made by today’s cloud migrators as part of a two-part series on cloud migration. Specifically, this study explores whether these enterprises are in fact undertaking mass migration efforts to migrate all workloads to a public cloud using a single lift-and-shift method. In an effort to uncover cloud migration in practice today, Forrester Consulting fielded a survey to those enterprises explicitly migrating workloads to the public cloud in order to better understand their strategies and actions.



A Forrester Report

Cloud migration is taking place across industries. Unlike in software-as-a-service (SaaS) migration, enterprises are evaluating whether to move existing apps, not built for the cloud, to a public cloud environment — a practice previously viewed as prohibitively expensive and time-intensive.

However, barriers to migration have lessened, and prominent enterprise voices are now actively designing cloud strategies around this concept. Early stories of cloud migration describe massive endeavors to migrate all or most existing applications to a public cloud platform, heavily using lift-and-shift tools rather than more cost-intensive complete rewrites.

Besides these highly publicised stories, there is little data available on the actual migration practices of enterprises today. Despite the hype surrounding cloud, today’s cloud migration conversation still lacks details.

In July 2017, Red Hat commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the cloud migration strategies of organisations by conducting an online survey with 272 respondents and four interviews with cloud migrators at enterprises all over the world. Complete cloud migration may have started the story, but in practice, cloud migrators appear to balance cost, performance, security, and total benefits to determine whether to move a specific workload.

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