Agile Integration

The blueprint for Enterprise Architecture

To stay relevant, organisations need the ability to plan and execute changes to their software systems quickly. For software delivery at today’s speeds, organisations need an agile infrastructure foundation. For this definition, agile does not refer to agile software development. It refers to the more traditional meaning of agile — flexible, able to move quickly.

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Business success is increasingly based on your ability to react to change. As new disruptive players enter markets and technology upends what consumers expect, organisations increasingly need to change plans in much shorter cycles than ever before. Modern software architectures and processes can make organisations more effective at dealing with this change and emerging as winners in their markets.

A new architectural framework called agile integration brings together three important architectural capabilities: containers, distributed integration, and application programming interfaces (APIs). This framework addresses how these key capabilities promote agility and power new processes within your organisation to create competitive advantage.

Industries like travel and hospitality have been transformed by new ways of doing business — new services are now offered, and consumers interact with services differently. This trend of disruptive change is extending across other major industries — from financial services to government, spurred by new technologies and mindsets about how businesses and customers interact. These challenges are pushing existing organisations to radically transform their own IT technologies to deliver these new services.

Red Hat provides an easy-to-use IT automation technology that helps its customers easily deploy apps, manage systems, and achieve DevOps goals across their entire organisations. To read about the quantified/unquantified benefits and the costs involved, please complete the form on the right and download the e-book. It will provide you with a clear picture of the Ansible customer journey and what the key challenges and results will be.

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As enterprises move forward on the dual track of increasing their ability to innovate, while also improving their efficiency, agility is an important characteristic that must be instilled in the organisation—and in the technology upon which the organisation relies. Agility provides the means for an organisation to move quickly, understand quickly, make changes easily, and keep options as open as possible to move flexibly.

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