Desktop as a Service - 12 IT Benefits with One Simple Step

Transform your business from capex and opex savings to greater productivity and flexibility

About this White Paper

If you still see PCs and laptops as standalone assets then you are putting your business at a competitive disadvantage. The traditional idea of idea of computers as all-in-one boxes for applications and data storage has been radically outdated with the arrival of Desktop as a Service (DaaS).

Desktop as a Service deliverers full PC functionality from the cloud to practically any connected device, with complete security and usability.

This white paper explores the major benefits of Desktop as a Service, and the best way to implement a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that will increase your organisations productivity, flexibility and reduce costs.

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Key Benefits

Reduced Expenditure

An affordable monthly subscription eliminates the need for expensive software rollouts, security patches, as well as reducing helpdesk loads.

Improved Business Focus

Enjoy a more flexible infrastructure with faster login times, no loss of data following a hardware crash, and no time consuming IT administration tasks.

Increased Security

Valuable data currently stored on easy-to-steal laptops and desktops is securely protected in a data centre that meets your compliance standards.

Support for Flexible Working

Supports low-bandwidth BYOD working, and staff can access business applications when, where and how they want, with complete security.

Increased Staff Efficiency

No more system downtime associated with ageing or infected systems that impact staff productivity, and no need for time consuming IT training.

Round the Clock IT Support

Round-the-clock IT support and automatic software fixes and patch rollouts for a completely trouble-free user experience.
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