A Guide to Enterprise Network Monitoring from SolarWinds

What you need to know when searching for an optimum & effective Enterprise Network Monitoring solution

About this Buyer’s Guide

How much is Network Monitoring costing you? Most organisations are paying for expensive Network Monitoring features they do not use or even need, and these bloated solutions usually come with hidden costs.

The challenge that Network Administration teams face is how to better evaluate Network Monitoring solutions and identify what features they really need, so you’re only paying for functionality you really need.

Download this Buyer’s Guide for essential tips that will help you understand your Enterprise Network Monitoring requirements and how SolarWinds can deliver performance and functionality at a cost-effective price.

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What You Need to Consider

What goes into your spend

Most Enterprise Network Monitoring solutions are ambiguously priced and people don’t really look beyond features and functionality to assess whether they’re actually getting the right value from their investment. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor provides a high return on investment (ROI) with a low total cost of ownership (TCO) – ideally suited to budget constrained organisations.

Complexity Accompanies Cost

Enterprise Network Monitoring solutions can be highly complex, requiring services to deploy, special training to operate and expensive annual maintenance contracts that must be kept current to receive patches and software updates. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is highly intuitive to use and can be installed and start monitoring your network with an hour.

Pay for Only What You Need

With big Enterprise Network Monitoring solutions you are paying for bloated suites that include features and functionality that may not be part of our IT requirements. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor has a simple, transparent licensing structure with no hidden costs and no extraneous add-on packages. So you’re only paying for what you really need.

Historical Network Monitoring Options

Traditional Enterprise Network Monitoring solutions are either expensive and hard-to-use, or open source solutions that are free but may not be feature rich, scalable, or even offer support. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is an affordable Network Monitoring Solution that is powerful, robust and scalable to cater to growing enterprise networks, whilst being easy to use.

SolarWinds Helps Trinity Mirror

“The bottom line is that with SolarWinds® you can get up and running quickly –
just set it up and let it go, and it comes back telling you what is happening on
your network.”

– Ian Bailey, Technical Support Manager at Trinity Mirror
Case Study
Creative Consulting
Creative Consulting is one of the fastest growing IT consultancies in the UK. They pride themselves on delivering cost-effective advice and technology, and as an authorised SolarWinds partner, Creative Consulting have helped many customers take control of their IT Infrastructures with SolarWinds.
SolarWinds delivers powerful and affordable IT management and monitoring software to over 100,000 customers worldwide. SolarWinds eliminates the complexity found in traditional enterprise IT management solutions, delivering unexpected simplicity while addressing any IT management problem.
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